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Tiny Steps will be Better than None

by John P. Murphy

Publisher - Rowanvale Books

Category - Lifestyle

John Murphy's life changed in February 2010, when he suffered a stroke in his garage while getting ready for work. John admits to not being the world's greatest book reader, but says that after his stay in hospital he wanted to write something that a stroke survivor or their family could relate to. He hopes that readers of his e-book guide will find it helpful. John says that one thing he found frustrating while in hospital was the answer he received to most of his questions: 'Well, every stroke is different'. John realises now that this is true, although felt at that the time he needed to hear something else – but what? What could possibly have reassured or comforted him? John hopes that this guide will fulfil exactly that purpose for other stroke survivors, their families, and even staff. This e-book provides an honest and open account of one stroke survivor's experience, and expresses what he wished he had known at the time.

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